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BMW Keys in Los Angeles

BMW Auto Keys In Los Angeles

Welcome to our specialist locksmith service page for BMW drivers in Los Angeles. Our specialist locksmiths are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all BMW vehicle types.

We understand BMW automobiles’ sophisticated locking systems and have the instruments needed to produce keys quickly and efficiently.

We service all BMW models

BMW 1 Series

This model requires a transponder key for units manufactured between 2003 and 2012. After 2013, BMW 1 Series automobiles employ an electronic key known as the Comfort Access Key.


The BMW X5 2019 model comes standard with a smart key system that includes proximity sensors and an ignition switch. To start the engine, it requires the usage of a programmed transponder chip that is linked with the car’s computer system. The proximity sensor allows you to unlock and lock your car doors from up to one meter away without having to take your keys out.

BMW 4 Series

BMW 4 Series vehicles manufactured between 2013 and 2016 require a transponder key for access. Models manufactured after 2017 use a Comfort Access Key, which is an electronic version of the standard car key.

BMW z4

The BMW Z4 2020 model has a keyless entry/push start system. To start the engine requires an electronically coded transponder chip that must be configured and synchronized with the car’s computer system. The proximity sensors enable you to unlock and lock your doors from up to 10 meters away without having to take your keys out.

BMW 2 Series

For BMW 2 Series models manufactured between 2012 and 2017, a transponder key is required. BMW 2 Series vehicles manufactured after 2018 employ an electronic key known as the Comfort Access Key.


The keyless entry/push start feature is standard on the BMW M2 2020 model. It needs the insertion of an electronically coded transponder chip into the ignition cylinder, which is programmed to match the vehicle’s computer system. This adds security while also allowing for simple and convenient access without having to mess with your keys.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series models made from 2015 and above have a Smart Key System which features keyless entry and push start. This requires the use of a programmed transponder chip to be inserted into the car’s ignition cylinder.

We service all makes and models in Los Angeles for BMW

Smart keys are used in almost all BMW models since 2014. To create a new key for these vehicles, the ECU must be modified to recognize BMW car keys. A professional locksmith or a BMW dealership can perform this service.

Making Your BMW Auto Key

Nonetheless, the method of creating a new key for a BMW vehicle can differ based on the key design and model. It’s always recommended to seek advice from a professional locksmith or BMW dealership to guarantee the correct key is produced and properly programmed. Equipped with the appropriate know-how and skills, BMW owners can conveniently have a new key constructed for their vehicles.

The adoption of smart keys as a standard feature in numerous contemporary vehicle models has heightened their global popularity among drivers. As technological advancement persists, BMW is poised to stay abreast with the newest developments in vehicular security. Currently, BMW owners are presented with a diverse selection of keys for their vehicles. Armed with the appropriate information and advice, they can effortlessly identify the most suitable key to meet their requirements.

No matter where your journey with BMW may lead you, ensuring that the correct key is always within reach is vital! Unexpected situations may arise when you’ll need it. Keeping a set of spare keys handy for emergencies is a wise move. By being prepared for all possibilities, you can have peace of mind knowing your BMW is always safeguarded.

Getting to know your BMW Car Key

Regardless if it’s a traditional key or an advanced smart key, maintaining vigilance over your BMW keys is instrumental in ensuring you have access to your vehicle when required. Equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skillset, you can consistently ensure that the correct key for unlocking your BMW’s possibilities is always at hand.

The true assurance of your BMW’s safety and security is having the correct keys ready for your journey. With a plethora of options to select from, there’s a key solution to cater to every driver’s preferences.

Los Angeles Car Keys, based in Los Angeles, specializes in the creation of all sorts of car keys for every model of BMW.

Locked Out Of Your BMW Car?

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Call us 24/7 for our Los Angeles auto unlocking services. We will have a quick arrival time and solve your issue as an emergency priority. Give us a call with your location, nature of emergency and we will have a locksmith dispatched to your location.

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