Need A Locksmith



If you are locked out, we’ll help you gain access to your home, business or vehicle.


Don’t want to buy new locks? We can change the keys on your current locks to make your home or business secure.

Key Duplication

We can duplicate your keys so you can have extras to keep and share with trustworthy friends and family.

Door Viewers

We install door viewers (otherwise known as “peephole”) for security.

Lock Installation

Lock installation of deadbolts, knobs, keyless, patio pins, ring boltsand more

Property Codes

We check doors and smoke detectors for code and make sure the are safe and secure.


We provide maintenance and repair for your locks so they are safe and secure

Master Keying

We create master keys so you can simplify the locks and safety on your home or business.

Automotive Keys

We provide new keys that can be cut and programmed to your vehicle

Access Control

We can install a access control system, Maintain and repair or upgrade existing systems.

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