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Welcome to our specialized service portal for Dodge car key locksmith services in Los Angeles, where your safety and comfort come first. Whether you find yourself locked out of your Dodge, in need of a spare key, or seeking key programming services, rest assured that we have your needs covered.

Our expert team of locksmiths stands at your service round the clock, ready to support you in any situation.

Our Locksmith Services Cater to All Dodge Models.

Dodge Ram

Between 2001 and 2010, Dodge Ram models predominantly employed the use of conventional metal keys. These mechanical cut keys served the dual purpose of unlocking the vehicle’s doors and igniting the engine. However, a significant evolution in key technology was observed in models from 2011 onwards. These models adopted the advanced transponder keys, which necessitated programming to match the vehicle’s immobilizer system, a prerequisite for starting the engine.


Dodge Challenger

From 2008 to 2018, the Dodge Challenger primarily featured traditional metal keys, integrated with keyless entry buttons for added convenience. However, a shift in technology was observed in the 2019 models and onwards. These contemporary models incorporate a Push-to-Start car key, a harmonious blend of a standard metal key and a remote, serving both purposes in a single unit.

Dodge Charger

Beginning in 2006, the Dodge Charger (2006 – Present) implemented the use of a transponder key as a heightened security measure. However, a technological advancement was seen in models from 2011 and beyond, where the Keyless Enter-N-Go system was incorporated, utilizing a fobik key – an innovative blend of a traditional key and a remote.

Dodge Dart

Models of the Dodge Dart from 2013 to 2016 came fitted with a transponder key as a standard feature. However, some upscale variants were enhanced with the addition of a keyless entry remote system.

Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey, which has been in production from 2009 to present, experienced a shift in its key system. While the models initially came with a traditional key, from 2011 onwards, they transitioned to the more sophisticated fobik key system.

Dodge Avenger

The models of Dodge Avenger spanning from 2008 to 2014 primarily utilized a transponder key system. However, a transition was observed in models produced from 2011 and beyond, as they incorporated the Keyless Enter-N-Go system, featuring the innovative fobik key.

Dodge Neon

The Dodge Neon models, spanning from 1995 to 2005, predominantly used conventional keys. However, a transformation in key technology was witnessed in models produced from 2001 and beyond, which incorporated the advanced transponder key system.

We service all makes and models in Los Angeles for Dodge

From 2014 onward, the majority of Dodge models have adopted the use of smart keys. The process of creating a new key for these vehicles necessitates programming the automobile’s ECU to identify the Dodge car keys. This crucial task can be performed either by a skilled locksmith or at a Dodge dealership.

Making Your Dodge Auto Key

Nonetheless, the procedure to fabricate a new key for a Dodge vehicle can fluctuate based on the key’s design and the automobile model. It is invariably recommended to seek advice from a proficient locksmith or a Dodge dealership to guarantee the precise creation and programming of the key. Armed with the appropriate expertise and understanding, Dodge car owners can readily have a new key prepared for their vehicle.

Smart keys have become a common feature in numerous contemporary car models, gaining increased acceptance among drivers globally. As Dodge is committed to being on the cutting edge of technological progress, it’s poised to keep pace with the newest advancements in vehicle safety. Currently, Dodge offers its owners a vast selection of keys suitable for their vehicles. By leveraging the correct information and advice, they can effortlessly identify the optimal key to meet their needs.

Regardless of your Dodge’s destination, ensure you’re equipped with the appropriate key at all times! Unpredictable circumstances may demand its use unexpectedly. It’s prudent to keep a set of spare keys readily available for emergencies, fostering a constant state of preparedness for any potential scenarios. This approach guarantees the ongoing protection and security of your Dodge.

How to Use Your New Dodge Key

Whether you’re using a standard key or a technologically advanced smart key, it’s crucial to keep tabs on your Dodge keys to ensure uninterrupted access to your vehicle whenever required. With the right expertise and understanding at your disposal, you can consistently ensure that your Dodge is equipped with the appropriate key to tap into its full potential.

Ensuring your Dodge’s safety and security ultimately boils down to possessing the correct set of keys. Given the diverse selection available, every driver can find a key that meets their specific needs.

Los Angeles Car Keys, in Los Angeles, specializes in the creation of all types of car keys, accommodating all Dodge models.

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