How to research a locksmith in Texas

Choosing the right Locksmith

When trying to find a locksmith, your options could be overwhelming.  Unfortunatly there can be fake unlicensed locksmiths listed within your search.  You must be very careful of who you call as they could sell you faulty hardware or services and charge you outrageous prices.  Even worse, they could steal your identity and go on a shopping spree with your credit card or bank information.

So you can narrow down your results, you must first check and see if they are licensed.  You can do this by going to  Here you can enter the name of the company and press the search button.  Then once you verified the company is listed with the state, you can also check for reviews on the company to further narrow down your results.

If you cannot do a search or you do not have time and a locksmith is needed for an emergency service.  Some examples are like “locking your keys in your car or closing the front door only to find out that your keys aren’t in your pocket or purse”.   Ask the locksmith when they arrive to see their pocket card license.  A pocket card license is almost identical to your driver license and will say “Private Security Registration” at the top.  It is issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety.  On the back of the card, it will show you their license number.  A locksmith is required to carry this card all times.  If they cant show you the card – then you should not do any business with them.

Hopefully this small guide will be beneficial to you in the future and help you consider your best choice for locksmith services.  Stay safe!

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